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Cut your Breakouts with More Milk? NOT SO FAST!

Hold the phone! I am on the internet all day long—some of it for research and some of it just for fun. But, this is a weird one. I just found some articles that are saying some interesting things about acne breakouts. First off, have you heard the rumor or wives’ tale that milk is a possible trigger for acne? I’ve heard the story, but sort of filed it under “mehhh, not so much.” However, there is a study that just found that one milk protein in particular is being made into a supplement that can actually reduce your breakouts.

This study took a plain yogurt drink and packed it full of “lactoferrin,” the study participants drank this lactoferrin laden beverage every day for almost four months. At the end, the study participants that drank the lactoferrin fortified drinks had far LESS breakouts that those in the placebo category. This magic drink also lowered sebum/oil production, and kept the inflammatory lesions (those are nasty customers) from swelling up. It was suggested that this lactoferrin has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects and can boost the activity of certain immune cells when consumed. Opponents said that the benefits were from the probiotics in the yogurt…either way…interesting.

If this IS true–praise the Lord and pass the Lactoferrin!




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