Baby Shower Facial Treats

Yeah. Finally, I have been liberated from the bowels of party planning! There is a definite downside to being creative or stylish. You will see other people struggling to make something cool happen and perhaps you will feel compelled to step in and help…This is exactly what happened!

A month or two ago, the whirlwind began. The recipient of the shower was not even my friend, it was my friend’s sister! She’s not the most popular girl, so when she got pregnant, no one was anxious to help her out…long story. I’m as close to her family as I am to my own…so, I took the reigns. Yeah. For the past few months, I have been going non-stop. First, I had to devise the concept, since it was going to be all ladies, I thought it would be cool to set up a mini-facial spot! How awesome is that! We ended up renting out this gorgeous botanical garden and we rented white tents. At one of the “stations,” the guests could sit for a rejuvenating facial. We had almost 75 guests, so we had to hire three facialists. They offered the guests one of three services, an exfoliant facial, an anti-aging and an anti-acne facial. Which facial was the most popular? The anti-acne of course! The girls started with a steam (with minted towels, I might add). Then they worked in a cleanser, scrub and then followed it with a mint julep mask. (Mint Julep works wonders on my acne, it is a clay base, it smells amazing and actually works without over-drying.) The whole set up was a huge hit! Facials are better than baby-name games–any day!

Did I get to enjoy the services? I doubt it–I was WAY too busy making sure everything ran smoothly. And run smoothly it did. I kept everything running like clockwork, the music, the meal, the activities. I even included a Blessing Tree, a little pot with a few branches on it, sitting amid a pile of handmade cardstock cards. Each guest was encouraged to write down blessings for the parents-to-be and the new baby. Then, they use the ribbon to hang these blessings on the Blessing Tree. Everyone went nuts for the Blessing Tree! HUGE slam dunk…Then came the gifts, every gift was logged on my Ipad and then emailed to our friend. She had a great time, the stress level was super low, everything was done and she had a blast!

Did I have a bucket-sized glass of wine after we packed up? YA!



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