Candy Lips and Champagne Dreams

I was crazy about candy when I was a kid–I still am! My mom tried to raise me right–with all natural food and little to no sugar. I remember hearing her talk about sugar like it was the work of the devil! lol. She really hated sugar, we didn’t drink soda and candy was a sneaky treat. Well, now that we’re all grown ups, we can use sugar for some serious beauty results. I’ve seen sugar in body scrubs, the exfoliating nature of sugar is well-known.

Now that summer is over, we’re going to start dealing with some wind-chapped lips. No one wants to love on some ragged, torn up lips. Do you want to smooch someone with sandpaper smackers? Didn’t think so. Before you begin your chapstick regiment, you should always start with a good scrub down…with…SUGAR! Shhhh! DON’T TELL MOM!

Long gone are the days that I rubbed purple or red Pixy Stix on my lips–it was my childhood “lipstick”. Today, you can get smooth, baby soft lips with a relatively easy recipe. Pour a little Extra Virgin Olive Oil into a small, shallow bowl. Now, sprinkle in some organic sugar (you can use regular if you must). Mix the sugar in until you have a paste-y scrub. Now,  GENTLY rub this into your lips. You will feel the scrub go to work on those lips. You can do this once a week to keep up on your lips. Maintainance on those lips will keep away dead skin cells and flakes, it will also give your lipstick and lip gloss a better canvas–you could notice that you’re doing less lip touch ups.


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