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Does This Really Work…?

There are five ways to get rid of a pimple–or at least there are five top rated “old wives tales” that claim to rid you of zits forever…it is so silly. How do these myths keep popping up? Does this mean that these pimple wizards are right? Does this stuff actually work? Big zits are awful, I mean, you can wear a drapey shirt if you had too many cupcakes, or you can dust with some bronzer when you’re feeling a little blah–but glaring pimples are a different story…

I can remember being in middle school, somehow hearing that toothpaste that could clear up my tiny red mound of embarrassment. TOOTHPASTE! I’m sure you’ve heard it…but does it work? The theory is that the paste can pull the pus out and relive the redness and swelling…I didn’t notice any differences…Baking soda is supposed to work in the same way, and it is interchangeable in case you don’t want to smell minty fresh all night long. I never tried it, but it is going on my mental list. (Lemme get back to ya.)

White Vinegar is supposed to dissolve the pus while it is still inside your pimple–interesting. Anyone try this? I will tonight, maybe as a toner…Ice can be used to combat the redness and swelling, but good luck on anything else…Also, Visine is supposed to be ideal to “get the red out,” even in regards to your screaming red pimple.

There you have it, sound familiar? If they don’t work–why do they keep popping back up? And if they DO work, why are we spending too much money on acne creams? Aargh.






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