Mega Dose of B5 for Acne

First, let’s start by saying the megadoses of ANYthing probably can’t be the best idea–at least in the longterm. In the short term, you could see results. But, I saw a couple of links talking about how great B5 is and how megadosing can help out with bad acne. There are opposing viewpoints, and I am wading through the information to bring you a more reasonable explanation.

Here’s the deal. Vitamin B5 is suspected to quell your acne because it helps reduce the oil in your body. Some studies say that B5 is clearing up their patients’ acne, while other patients report that the vitamin made them break out even harder. Which isn’t completely insane, because sometimes when you choose a new plan of attack, it can actually draw out the pimples faster. (The pimples were going to surface, but your new approach just brought them out faster.)

The side effects are pretty gnarly. A megadose of vitamin B5 will bring on mild stomach irritation, diarrhea, headaches and possible breakouts. B5 is tricky because it can also deplete the rest of the vitamins in your system…bringing on a deficiency. If you are experiencing a deficiency, you will see thinning hair, strong tingling/buzzing sensation in the left foot; constant tiny muscle twitches in the calves; bloating/stomach discomfort after lunch; intense restless legs at night; some fatigue; sore and swollen tongue; mouth ulcers; tooth impressions down the sides; intermittent diarrhea; a rash of dermatitis round the nose; occasional panic attacks; acne also came back. Low blood pressure is also associated with too much vitamin B5. There are topical B5 acne medications as well, though most people won’t use them. Granted, topical B5 seems less effective than the oral B5, but it also gave off way less of the side effects.

Vitamin B5, when used in MODERATION seems quite useful. It has a great effect on skin–overall. The advantages are a reduction in oil and sebum. It will work wonders on your enlarged pores, it is also ideal to even out skin tones and texture. B5 has been known to give people a boost of energy. It is also thought to help improve cystic acne.


So. Yeah. Call me crazy, but I don’t know if mega dosing B5 is worth it. I think there are way more avenues to take beyond loading up on this one. Plus, you could end up breaking out all over again before you get to any type of improvements. Keep the B5 in your rotation, but you don’t have to go crazy.


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