Spotted—Some Uneven Skin Tone

OMG. I am freaking OUT! My tan is starting to fade and I am now seeing little spots here and there…it has finally happened. I have a few tiny sun spots! You know those little spots that stay a little tan while the rest of you goes back to winter skin tone? Yeah. Freakin’ great.

NOW what? Well, my doctor checked me out—I’m good. These are the little spots that come from a lack of pigmentation in the skin cells. From what I’m gathering, there are a few ways to handle this issue on your own. First and foremost, you’ve got to keep up with that exfoliation. (Jeez, change the record, already right?!) You’re going to scrub that all down, hoping to get to the new skin underneath. You can do the exfoliation mechanically—with one of those cool little brushes you see. But make sure you are scrubbing with a material that is abrasive enough to really slough off those dead cells.

You can exfoliate with chemicals as well…meaning that you use creams or lotions with “magic” enzymes to break apart the top layer of skin cells. But…you’re going to need the big guns. To really see the results, you’re going to use enzymes, like fruit acids, beta hydroxyl lotions or chemical peels. It sounds extensive…well…it kind of is…you’re stripping the top layer of skin off! These enzymes will work to clean your pores from the inside out. This fixes the uneven skin tone a lot quicker, but it is a slow process to start.

Start the process slowly, gradually and with a mild product. This means anything with AHAS, alpha hydroxy acids. Some of the most common types of AHAs include glycolic acid (found in sugar), malic acid (from apples) and tartaric acid (in grapes). All chemical exfoliants are acidic, meaning they have a pH balance of less than seven. Keep in mind–the lower a product’s pH, the more effective it will be; however, it will also be more intense, so start with a pH of five or six and work your way down from there.

Many over-the-counter creams and lotions claim to lighten dark-skin patches and even out skin tone; however, most of these products yield minimal improvements at best and may take weeks or even months to produce any visible results.

So…there we go. I have a few months of chemical peels and gentle exfoliation.

If you’re dealing with some little speckle-freckles, exfoliate. Big time. Then cross your fingers…


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