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Sleep Can Impact Acne–Guilty as Charged

Woooooo! I’m going to Disney Land tomorrow! YESSSSS! But, there is a problem. Because I am going out of town this week, I have spent the whole week doing a double dose of work. I had to do this week’s work as well as next. What does that mean? It means that I haven’t slept in days. Does sleep affect acne? YES. A LOT. In fact, the very first place I see lack of sleep is in my skin. I know that sounds dumb, but after a week of burning the candle at both ends, I am left with a face full of screaming acne. Even before the dark circles pop up. Does sleep cause acne? Not really…it is more of an indirect affect.

Can sleep cure acne? Wouldn’t that be awesome?! Sleep is important, it is not an option. Sleep deprivation can lead to death—a result significantly worse than acne. Your sleep is your body’s maintenance time, you’re re-charging the battery.  If you don’t do regular maintenance, your body is going to start to break down, with your skin being the first thing to suffer.

Everyone has a different number of hours to sleep; some people sleep five hours and are ready to tackle the world. Others sleep ten hours and they still can’t wake up on time! Lack of sleep will cause inflammation—acne. It will cause an increased insulin resistance—this will also lead to weight issues. Your insulin is all outta whack, now you’re eating weird, which will compound your skin issues. Your insulin levels have a lot to do with your stress levels, high stress levels will impact your acne.

Last but not least, you’re going to see some depression because of your lack of sleep. So. For all of our multi-tasking and hard-working ethics, we still don’t have enough hours in the day. This week I have been so busy that I have been getting roughly three hours of sleep a night…I look like a sea hag! I have also been eating pumpkin drop cookies by the bucketful. (If you haven’t had a pumpkin drop cookie—I highly suggest you look into it, just another perk of the autumn season.)

That said—I need some sleep! This has been such a crazy week—long story and no one cares…but…I have sacrificed enough I think. I promise I will get some serious sleep…in a few days. I’m almost finished with my weekly projects.


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