Acne and Humidifiers: Not Just for Allergies Anymore

I had a scratchy throat a few weeks back. I don’t have any more sick days left, so I was on the war path. I began my salt water gargle–don’t laugh, it works. I also dusted off my humidifier, with the hopes of avoiding the flu.

What a side effect: my skin has cleared up–big time! My humidifier cleared up my pimples! Was I surprised? YEAH! Now, there are naysayers on this wide world of intertron. There are those who will disagree with your humidifier clearing up your acne. Here’s why it works: it will help prepare your skin for better absorption of your nighttime acne treatments.

The humidifier will open up those pores and prep them for some primetime absorption. Pick up a nighttime acne treatment and apply before bed. You will have eight hours of unaldulterated absorption.

Humidifiers will also aide in the moisturization of your skin. This will make it easier to skip the heavy lotion and/or foundation in your day hours. Moisturized skin carries a healthy shine that is unmatched by ANY make up, I don’t care how much you paid for it!

So, if you want some soft, healthy skin, pick up your nighttime acne treatment and plug-in the humidifier. I saw a difference in the appearance in a few days, it took a couple of weeks to commit to a humidifier forever.

Good Luck!!




One Response

  1. I agree that humidifiers help the absorption of our favorite night time cream. And yes, for those who doesn’t believe, it really works that way 🙂 which is amazing 🙂

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