Beauty Sleep: Better Skin in a Wink

I suggest removing makeup BEFORE your beauty sleep...

I told you about my unexpected results from my humidifier, right? WELL…I got a little nuts and looked into it. You CAN get better skin and you can do it while you sleep. Not buyin’ it? Here’s why: your skin goes into hyper-drive, it is working double hard to repair itself on the “night shift”. Some people think it is because your skin is totally naked, it isn’t covered by makeup, foundation; your skin isn’t battling the sun or other radicals. There was a study by Duke University, researchers added a Vitamin C product to women’s nighttime regiments and they saw almost immediate benefits.

Here’s how to get more out of your “beauty sleep”…

SLEEP ON YOUR BACK: when you mush your face into that pillow, you are creating pillow lines, and researchers are finding that these fold lines can do more damage than we thought.

HYDRATION: Since we always seem to fall back to “hydration”, I’m beginning to think it is actually true!! However, do it inside and out–a great humidifier AND a few extra glasses of water. That also means lubing yourself up in a thick, rich lotion before you hit the sack. (Quit complaining, you’re going to bed, not putting on a pair of skinny jeans or a thin sweater! If you’re changing your sheets like you should be, this shouldn’t be a problem…)

There you go. We can get more in-depth if you like–email me.

Happy Sleeping!



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  1. Hello! do you know where i can get more information about the study at Duke University? i’m doing a project on how sleep improves skin and this would be a great addition to my research. Please let me know via email. Thank you!

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