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Pimples and Pregnancy

Ok, I’ve never been pregnant, but one of my besties has just announced that she is four months pregnant! YAY!! Congrats lil mama! We had lunch yesterday and immediately started chatting about the changes she is about to undergo. Of course, knowing me, I was curious about what pregnancy can do to your skin…

Well, we all know about the pregnancy “glow.” Yeah, it isn’t just a saying, science claims there really IS a glow about you moms-to-be. Your body is experiencing an increase in blood volume, giving the cheeks a freshly pinched, pink glow. Also, the oil glands are going double-time, giving your skin a special sheen.

In addition to a glow, you could see an increase in acne. Yikes! It won’t be as bad as your “tween” years but you may need to break out your favorite teenage pimple routines. (Unless you’re like me and you never outgrew your teenage pimple routine.) Just be sure to use all natural, more gentle skin care as you are scrubbing for two now!

You could also be affected by something called PUPP, pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy. Don’t freak out, it is itchy, red raised spots on the tummy, thighs, bum and arms/legs. It will come and go–treat it like you would any other itchy skin rash.  Skin can also become dry and flaky and even more itchy; most notably in the skin that is stretching.

Speaking of itching–your palms and bottoms of your feet can become extra red and itchy. Don’t worry, this is normal, and it is just a strange, unexplained aspect of pregnancy. It is called palmar erythema and it can occur in the second month of pregnancy.

Your pregnancy will bring on more skin changes–freckles and moles will seem darker. This is also normal for the most part. They can appear larger or more plentiful–check with your doctor or dermatologist if there are any raised edges or irregular borders.

Spider veins are on the way, as are skin tags, heat rash. You can also look forward to something called linea nigra. This is a faint white line that runs from your belly button to the center of your pubic bone. This line is not visible before pregnancy, but it can occur in the second trimester. Sometimes the line extends upward from the navel as well. The linea nigra is darker in darker skinned women will disappear after you have delivered your baby.

Interesting, right?!

Pregnancy is so amazing!!



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