Makeup Brushes–How Clean Are Yours?

The biggest complaint people email me about is this–“I wash my face like a manic, I do everything right and I still have acne. Help.” Well, here’s another idea–what about your makeup brushes?

A dirty makeup brush can mean more acne, every time you use it you’re soaking up toxins, dead skin cells, oils and bacteria that are sitting on your skin, then you’re going let them putrefy so that you can scrub them on next time  you apply your makeup. G R O S S . Think about it–are you re-applying all that glop?! You are if you have active acne and you’re not washing your brushes almost weekly. (It sounds extensive, but it could help.)


so next time you use it you’re putting all of that yucky stuff right back on again. Especially if you’ve been using your brush when you’ve got active acne. Anything you touch your face with or apply to your face should be clean, clean clean, so keeping your makeup brush toxin-free is essential.

Washing your makeup brushes could keep your skin more clear, it will help your brushes last longer, as well. You paid enough for those things, take care of them! This rule goes for the sponges, reusable applicators, anything that you use on a regular basis that touches your skin.

You have several options, but I find that these are my favorites, and they are relatively simple. You can mix up a solution of white vinegar and water, with 2x the amount of water as vinegar. (Why use vinegar? It has disinfecting properties.) Gently dip  your brush in, now, you don’t have to go crazy. Don’t water log it, just get it wet enough to work up a little lather. Now, give it a gentle “scrub” with a paper towel, working your way from the base to the tips. Afterwards, rinse with cool running water. Then, reshape and lay on its side to dry.

**You could substitute Tea Tree Oil instead of vinegar–it has its own type of antibacterial properties.

**Or you can just use a gentle shampoo and wash the same way. You will scrub, rinse, re-shape and dry the same way.


DO NOT: boil your brushes.

KEEP THEM OUT OF THE MICROWAVE: Does that even need to be stated? Ya…People are weird.

Pass on the conditioner, it will pull the bristles out and possibly clog your pores later.

Once you see the gunk that is coming out of these brushes, I promise you will want to this more often.

Let me know if it works for ya!





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