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Before you Haunt…Pre Halloween Skin Care

Halloween is but a few days away…in addition to finding the best bits and pieces for your costume, you should be considering the type of makeup you will be using. If you are going all out, meaning fake blood, corpse paint, etc, you are no doubt considering the toll taken on your skin. Breakouts are common, in fact, I can almost FEEL the pimples forming when I have a full face of makeup. (shudder)

Before you haunt…

If you already bought your grease paint, pancake, whatever, check it to make sure it is non-comedogenic. This means that it won’t clog your already angry pores. Prepare your skin a few days before, meaning stay true to your regiment. This will get your skin in shape for what is to come. Stay hydrated and get a few extra hours of sleep before your party.

Then, cleanse thoroughly. Really get in there, clean off all surface debris so you can start with a primed, fresh face. Give your face a few minutes to dry and then hit it with a layer of your favorite facial lotion. Nothing too greasy or heavy, just something to clear up any flaky or rough patches. Let that set in because moisturizer is a natural makeup remover. You want to start with a fresh canvas!

Happy Haunting and have FUN!!!!!!!!


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