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Remove Halloween Makeup and Avoid Scary Pimples

Your candy bag is full, your feet are tired and maybe you had a few too many BOO-tini’s. BUT everyone loved your zombie or clown or flapper costume and the makeup really completed the look! However, you can’t go to sleep because you still have some fake blood dripping from your eyeballs. I know you’re “dead” tired. (sorry, I couldn’t resist.) SO. Removing all that junk doesn’t have to be difficult and you can do with little to no mess.

It will be a quick, at-home facial that will cleanse and refresh your skin.

Once you do get home, grab a clean, fresh towel, dampen it and throw it in the microwave for a minute or so. You don’t need it so MELT your face, Halloween is over. But get it warm enough to be relaxing and effective. You can rub in a few drops of essential oil if you want an extra added stress-buster.

Once your pores are steamed open, you’re going to begin the cleansing. Lukewarm water will get it going, I would suggest a clay cleanser for this step. Slow circle motions will massage that cleanser in, be careful not to scrub. There are a few layers of gunk so you a slow process is ideal. Concentrate on the most heavily made up areas of your face, as these will be the hot spots for extra oiliness and pimples.

You will need another warm towel for your clean face. You can take a load off, and relax with the steamy towel. About one to three minutes will get your pores open and loosen any left behind makeup, getting and ready for round two.

Again you will gently cleanse your skin, if you require more of the clay cleanser, use that. If you want something different, you could use a foaming cleanser or something with a good liquid base. This decision will be based on how much makeup is left.

Rinse well with lukewarm water. Depending on how much is left, you could be doing the towel-cleanse routine for another step. You can use your best judgment. Once your face is naked, you will pat it dry. After this, hit it with your toner. Take a second to have a few Starburst. Then rub on your expensive repair lotion (the one you don’t use enough) or facial moisturizer for some TLC. Your skin shouldn’t be raw at this point, it should feel clean and fresh. I would advise some deluxe night repair eye cream, but your everyday is ok, as well.

Sleep tight my little ghosts and goblins–at least you don’t have to wear this much makeup all year round!





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