Avoiding Pimples Before and After your Workout

I always get emails from people who are sick and tired of the workout breakout. Here’s the deal—anytime you are sweating with bacteria or dirt present—you run the risk of breaking out. Unless you are planning on living in a bubble (trust me, I gave it an afternoon of thought), acne and pimples are just a part of your life.

I was racking my brain for some good workout pimple advice. How can I avoid acne after my exercise? First, if you are still working out with makeup on—CUT IT OUT. Prevent acne in your post-workout time when you wash your face BEFORE you sweat it all out. As you’re sweating, and wiping the perspiration all over your face, you’re actually grinding the day’s grime and filth back into your pores.

Clogged pores turn into big red spots. Now, when there’s makeup and sweat and bacteria from your workout equipment, you’ve got a pretty legitimate breakout. Before you get down to business, swipe your face with a cleansing pad. Or, if you have time, give it a quick wash with a mild cleanser.

Also, always make sure you pin back your bangs and any hair that may sit on your face during your Zumba class. The salt in your sweat can easily irritate your acne-prone skin. SO, obviously, wash up after your work out as well. 


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