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Sleeping in Makeup is Worse than you Thought

You know how everyone says that falling asleep with your makeup on is the worst thing you can do? Well. I did a little experiment. With all of the Halloween activities, all of the parties and shopping and preparation, I have been getting what would amount to three or four hours of sleep a night. Now that Halloween is over, you can believe that I’m hitting the sack until Thanksgiving.

In any event, I spent a good five nights of “sack time” with a full face of makeup. (Good thing I was in costume for the past few days because my skin is SCREAMING.) Here is why you just freaking cannot leave your makeup on at night:

Your skin repairs itself while you sleep. When you sleep, your skin cells turnover and cell turnover is vital for fresh, young looking skin. Since my skin cells have been neglected, by face looks like an old catcher’s mitt—dull and covered in blemishes.

Next, dried mascara will cake over night and break the delicate eyelashes in half. If you aren’t careful, it can straight make them fall out.

Lastly, your skin is sort of like a net, or a lightning rod of sorts. It collects all of the bacteria from smog, oil, your fingers, and the phone, EVERYTHING throughout the day. So, because you’re not washing it off, it just settles in to clog up your pores. Cute. SO cute. (No. It isn’t. At all.)

Long story short—I was too lazy to wash my stupid face. You really REALLY shouldn’t ever go to sleep with your makeup on. I tried it. You’re welcome. 


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