Wide, Wonderful World of Witch Hazel

Add Witch Hazel to your "potions".

So I was wandering the drugstore in my neighborhood–you know the mini-drugstore that has more stuff than you’d ever know what to do with? Seriously, if there is a zombie apocalypse, I’m going to this drug store to live happily for at least the next three years, zombie-safe. Anyway, I was killing time and I passed the aisle with all the random products in it. Next to the alcohol is Witch Hazel. Now, I remember as a kid, my mom swabbing me with this clear stuff when I had mosquito bites or to cool off in the hot weather. I always relegated it to those functions as an adult.

WELL. Witch Hazel is the jack of all trades. This stuff can literally do it all. Sure, it works for bug bites and to “cool off.” BUT, did you know you can use witch hazel for underarm odor? Yeah. Whoa. Wipe some of this stuff in your armpits, let it dry and then use your normal antiperspirants or deodorant. It can dramatically decrease the odor and the wetness.

Witch Hazel has a number of different uses–most of which I had never heard of. It’s major purpose is to serve as an anti-inflammatory solution, it also packs an antibacterial punch.

Did you know that you can use your Witch Hazel for….

Ingrown Hairs and Razor Burn: swipe some on before and after you shave. It should be able to cut the sting and redness of shaving, as well as those painful ingrown hairs.

Under Eye Bags and Redness: Refresh your tired, red eyes and shrink those bags with Witch Hazel. Drip a paper towel in the stuff and let it rest on your eyes for ten or fifteen minutes. If you’ve been crying this is a great treatment.

Witch Hazel can help with dry skin, bruises, cuts, sunburn and spot and blemish control. When your acne, pimples and zits are all inflamed and on fire, a little WH will help keep the swelling to a minimum.

If you had a weird weekend and turned up with Poison Ivy or Poison Oak, you can cut the swelling and pain with–you guessed it–Witch Hazel. Soothe your baby’s diaper rash with the WH. You can also use it to soothe varicose¬†veins. See. I told you this stuff was insane.

You can even use Witch Hazel for external hemorrhoids relief. It will tighten the skin and it also serves as an anti-itch remedy. (It is supposed to have some of the same ingredients as Preparation H.)

The best part about Witch Hazel? Yeah. It’s like one dollar a bottle. SO. Get crackin’.



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