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Rosewater for All Seasons

In the summer, my skin is an oil slick. In the winter, my skin is a red, dry, flaky mess. Don’t bother prescribing me your “favorite” face lotion because everything makes me break out. I can’t wear bronzer on my chest unless I want to wake up to an army of new pimples.

I have always worshipped the harsh, alcohol based toners and stringent. I figure if it burns a little, it is working, right? (And, by the way, who invented that saying, anyway?) Well, a client suggested a rosewater mist for my oily, yet dry (I don’t get it either) acne-prone skin. I have tried everything else, so I figured what the hell.

First, I would like to report a very clear benefit—it works as a “refresher” when your makeup is a little lackluster. A spritz at midday will completely punch up my makeup. A rosewater mist is perfect for a dewy glow, something that is hard to find once the days get shorter and the sun is MIA. It also works as a way to “set” the makeup once you have applied. It also works with the makeup, making it much easier to blend. (And did I mention that it works as a makeup remover?) Yeah. This stuff is amazing.

Next, rosewater is a pretty great moisturizer. Here’s why, it is super light and hydrates without disturbing your makeup. It works as a great deodorizer, and after-shower splash. You can hydrate your whole body before you even put your robe on! This is ideal in the colder climates when the concept of being cold and wet—even for a minute is unbearable. No more “waiting for your lotion to dry” while your hair freezes. (Don’t ask.)

So, rosewater refreshes your oily skin in the summer and it gently hydrates and conditions winter skin. It removes makeup. It sets your makeup, and allows it to blend better. The fragrance works as aromatherapy, ideal for when your day gets a little nuts. I did a little bit of reading and saw that many people were using it before or after yoga. (Some were suggesting using it during yoga, but…how would that even work?) But, definitely spritz a little on that inflamed eyebrow after a tweeze session. It will soothe and calm, adding a pleasant touch.

Others report that rosewater is ideal for wrinkles and redness. (I started a couple weeks ago, I see decreased redness, but maybe it helps with wrinkles, don’t know yet.) Oh, and did I mention that you can get it cheap? Winning. (Yeah, I know no one is doing the Charlie Sheen one-liners anymore. But I’m going to bring it back. You’re welcome.)


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