Dry Skin Brushing for Acne Detox

We all know that sometimes acne is best treated by working from the inside out. Well, your skin is your largest “elimination” organ. Did you know that it releases a POUND of waste every day? Yeah. Gross—but true. Also, did you know that if you aren’t feeling’ so great, your skin is the first organ to show symptoms? Yep. Your skin will rat you out in a second if you’re not taking care of it. Your skin is busy pushing out a quarter of the toxins from your body. In fact, it is sometimes called the “third kidney” because of all of the garbage that it gets rid of.

So, if your skin can’t release those toxins—you’re going to see an uprising of inflamed acne, maybe even rashes, itchiness, body odor, etc. Dead skin cells, leftover waste and skin care products or makeup just sit in those pores and gum up the works. If your toxins can’t escape the skin—they are shoved into your fat cells, which will emphasize your cellulite and other fatty areas. OR they will be re-circulated into the blood stream, which makes your kidneys work overtime.

Ok, so you know the problem, so how do we move forward? One idea is Dry Skin Brushing. It is exactly what it sounds like; you choose a natural, semi-firm bristled brush and exfoliate the skin before your shower. Benefits include: looking radiant, vibrant and fresh. It is also good for circulation, immunity and stimulating your nervous system.

With this brushing session, you are going to remove the layer of dead skin cells that are dimming your skin’s potential. Your skin will renew itself with each layer that you brush down—leaving you with a renewed texture.

Another advantage: dry brushing stimulates the nervous system, tones the muscles and ultimately tightens your skin. You are stimulating nerve endings in your skin, you will rejuvenate your nerves and activate individual muscle fibers, resulting in toned muscles. Whoa, right?

When you spend time dry brushing, you are also stimulating the blood and lymph flow. Your lymphatic system is a key player in cleansing the immune system. This is where white blood cells service the cells with nutrients and waste disposal. Speed up the waste removal part and you can avoid swollen tissues.

And lastly: it REDUCES CELLULITE! Yeah! This requires daily brushing and several months to see results, but if you massage and stimulate your cellulite, you will eventually break up those fatty deposits for results.

So, start dry brushing. See radiant, renewed skin and less acne because your body is eliminating waste faster!


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