Thanksgiving Pimple Mantras

Yeah, yeah. You are basting a turkey, raking leaves and still trying to de-code Martha Stewart’s most difficult turkey crafts. HOWEVER. You cannot lose focus on your skin and your skin care regiment. Since you are such an astute reader, I am going to throw out some prime time pimple tips to keep your acne away this autumn.

First–you can pack away your bikini, but DON’T pack away your sunglasses and sunscreen! Just because the day is shorter doesn’t mean you can’t still get roasted. We are still susceptible to sun damage, even as our earth’s axis turns. ALSO, if you are taking some types of medication for acne, it can upgrade your photosensitivity. Don’t forget!

Second, it is time to switch to a more emollient moisturizer, one that is non clogging for those angry pores. The air is cold and brisk with lots of windy moments–don’t suffer through random dry patches. Even if your skin is on the more oily side, you need moisturizer. (If you didn’t see the Rosewater post, I am seeing AMAZING results from my organic Rosewater-Glycerin mist. Just FYI.)

Last but not least: keep up with your acne treatments. If you have a medicated wash or mask that you are supposed to be doing weekly, don’t let that slip to the end of the list. Sure, things are crazy, but you will be glad you kept on it!

Don't let the holidays eclipse your acne assault!




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