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November Updates in Honor of Mark Twain

Mark Twain’s birthday is today–the same as my father. Coincidence? I think not. lol OK. Anyway, I’m trying something new. I’m constantly reading and researching new techniques and products, right? Well, it occurred to me that I don’t really ever give you an update on how it has been working for me. Thus, you get the very beginning of a new idea, but you don’t always hear about the follow through and final decision. WELL–in the spirit of science and sharing information, I’m going to start updating you as I start seeing results.

First up, Witch Hazel: it is still a great toner with minimal drying. It is a natural, mild and low-cost way to clean the soapy residue from my face after a washing. I am going to definitely keep it in the rotation.

Rose Water: I found a small bottle at an Indian grocery store near my office. I read that if you get it from a grocer, it is more pure because it would be used in cooking–it is ingestible. So, I got the rosewater and added some liquid glycerine. Next time, I think I will just do rosewater. I think the glycerine was too much for my oily skin. At first it was great, but then I started to feel like it was too much, and I had a little round of white heads pop up. Hey–live and learn. So, next time around, I’m doing straight up rosewater.

I want to wait a few more days to report back on the dry brushing, I want to be sure that my hypothesis is right on.




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