Updates Continued: Dry Brushing

Ok. I promised I would update you on the results from my daily dry brushing. I have been doing my whole body, top to bottom. I have been doing the brushing as according to the lymphatic flow, allowing for toxins to find their way out faster. I am quite happy with the results! At first, it was a little nuts because I has having some pretty solid body outbreaks, weird spots–spots that I didn’t normally see new pimples. This is probably because I was really stimulating the skin, getting all that junk to come to the surface. I kept up with it, taking care to avoid any broken out areas, and saw an even bigger difference!

My skin is normally SO FREAKING DRY, from the exact end of summer until the beginning of the next summer! lol. Once the temperature drops, my skin is screaming. I don’t always moisturize like I should, my fault. But, this drybrushing has worked wonders in keeping my skin under control. I like the way it looks, just a new over all polish, which is nice for that occasional baring of skin in your sexy winter top!!

I concentrate on my elbows and heels of my feet–where I am most dry. I have seen a difference, for sure! My keratosis pilaris looks MUCH BETTER! With more treatment, I’m sure it will be almost invisible. They say that you can treat your cellulite with drybrushing, I will let you know. I think you need like, months of this activity. I’m not holding my breath, but I’m not saying it won’t happen. I will keep you posted!!


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