Bird Poop Facial…Really

Uhm….what? Ok. I’m not a skin care expert by anyone’s stretch of the imagination. I am also not a snob when it comes to doing weird stuff for my acne. That said, I was just chatting with a girlfriend in New York. We were gossiping and it wasn’t long until it turned to crazy skin care stuff. She was telling me about the Geisha Facial that is offered at an upscale spa by her apartment. Apparently, it is a facial that is comprised largely of nightingale droppings…I’m speechless. So, you’re laying on the table, listening to some new-agey, harp-y music while some lady spreads bird poop onto your face.

I looked into it and it sounds pretty interesting…seriously. Is it based on the superstition that a bird pooping on you is good luck? Sort of. There are some versions that require the poop to land on your had to count towards “good luck”. Yeahhhhhhhh. This is the poop of a very specific type, a nightingale, called the Japanese bush warbler. The nightingale poop is an ancient Japanese facial technique that has been picked up by more westward salons. The facial is supposed to soften the skin, giving it a brighter appearance.

But, what does it “smell” like? I’ve heard is has a musky quality, I’ve also heard it referred to as “medicinal” while still others claim there is no smell at all. Well, yeah. That’s that. Bird poop facials…great.


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