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Holiday Acne PSA

We are officially inside the holiday madness. There are only a few weeks to Christmas and there is no doubt that you are being pulled in eleventy billion directions, right? Between the stress of your holiday shopping, your holiday finances, you will also be dealing with an upside down diet and some serious “day to night” makeup choices.

Ok. Here is a nickel’s worth of free advice: don’t forget your face. Don’t forget to keep your skin hydrated and toned. You will have a slew of parties to get to, you are going to have to sit for several pictures and you’re almost certainly going to be hosting a few of your own soirees. You cannot neglect your skin–on the face or body. If you do, you can definitely forget about that strappy red dress, the one that shows  your chest and back…? Yeah.

Grab a few of those toning pads or the benzoyl pads and stash them in your desk. You can do a swipe during the day, cutting oil and renewing your skin for the second round–holiday happy hour. Prepare a light touch up bag, almost like a survival kit for your face. You can make sure you have rice paper for blotting and some quick pick me ups so you’re not wearing a mask of makeup all day long. Plus, you will feel prepared for anything–trust me. If you are really going to be pressed for time, pick up a night-time acne treatment and or a night-time hydration treatment. This way, you will condition while you sleep.

WATER–if you’re going to be going off the rails with soda or booze–you’re going to that reflected in your skin. Keep your body hydrated from the inside out. Drink even more water than you think–within reason. I mean, you don’t  have to go crazy, I’ve heard of people dying from drinking too much water! But, you get the idea.

Most importantly, don’t skip your normal routine in favor of a few more minutes of sleep in the morning. You’re going to be mighty busy–take the time to stay true to your skin. If you do a home facial once a week–stick to it. Don’t upset the delicate balance when your skin needs attention the most–under holiday stress!

Last but not least–if you’re not going to listen to anything that I’ve said, at least promise me that you will exfoliate on a regular basis. And the water. Just promise me those two things…and I can rest easy, knowing that my work is done.

Stress Free Christmas? Hardly. Keep up with your skin care regiment!



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