The Gift of Clear Skin: Make your Own Toner!

Yeah, yeah. You know Christmas is this weekend. Chances are–you’re still looking for a few more gifts to supplement your stash. Well, I have an awesome idea! I am making my own toner and gifting to co-workers and friends. (Granted, this kind of thing won’t be great everyone, sure, but, it is an organic and thrifty way to knock out a few gifts.) In this particular project, you will see that the presentation will be a big part of the present. So, don’t forget to pick up some glass jars, bottles to hold your fresh toner.

If you read my other posts, you know that I am loving peppermint right now! Sticking with that “theme”, I have a few recipes for your toner. I will include the directions for an oily skin toner, an “everything else” toner.

Peppermint Lemon Toner is ideal to naturally clear up acne-ridden skin and help condition all over. Your face is left fresh and renewed.

Peppermint Lemon Toner

1. Place eight tbsp of witch hazel in your chosen glass bottle or jar.

2. Now, add one-half tsp. essential oil of peppermint. (Remember, this stuff is POTENT.) It could burn your skin if you put too much. SO, note: it is only one-half tsp of the essential oil. You can also use peppermint extract oil as well; it isn’t as potent.

3. Throw in four tbsp of FRESH lemon juice.

4. The fun stuff–two tbsp of gin or vodka. (NOT both…good try, though. lol)

5. Ok, you’re done combining, now just seal up the glass bottle and shake it up really good. You will now let it stand for 24 hours. All done. Make sure you shake it up before you use it…or advise your recipient to do so.

Old Fashioned Lavender–super gentle, perfect for sensitive skin, acne prone skin and the combo skin sufferers.

Start with this: 1 table-spoon of lavender leaves & buds.
1/2 cup of water (boiled, then left to cool).
1/2 cup of witch hazel (available from health shops or online).
6 drops of tea tree oil.

1. Roughly chop one tbsp of lavender–leaves and buds.

2. In the glass jar, add in the water, witch hazel and tea tree oil and lavender.

3. Seal it up, store in refrigerator–for two weeks. Everyday, give it a good shake–this will release the essential oils.

4. After the two weeks, strain out the bits of leaf and bud and you’re done. Keep in the sealed bottle/jar.

Bada bing! You’ve got two toners!

Toners make great gifts---if you package them right!

Don’t forget the satin ribbons and beautiful glass jars.

AND LABEL THEM! Ideally, these should be placed in the refrigerator for best results.




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