Night Cream Mishap

Just a case of Morning Lobster Face

Uhmmm. Yeahhh. Well, I finally pulled the trigger and “treated” myself to a semi-expensive overnight cream. I know you’ve seen the commercials, I am quite sure you have passed by it while you are doing your shopping here or there. The active ingredient in it is Alpha Hydroxy. I’m thinking, no big deal. My skin is over dry in the winter, due to the plummeting climate, but it certainly isn’t a problem if I keep up on it.

Well, upon the first application, I had some pretty big problems. Granted, maybe I used too much, I squirted out a dime sized pile into my hand and spread it onto my face and went to bed. I woke up to a beet red area on and around my nose, down by my chin and up by my eyes. AAARGH! I mean, it was red, sunburnt red. And it was hella dry. Great. In defense of the product, it was only in those areas, which as the epicenter of my application. SO, perhaps it was just too much. THe back of the package states that you could have some redness, tingling or drying until your skin gets used to it. Wow. Ok, well, I waited a few nights to really rehab my skin, giving it some time to really get back to normal.

I have been applying it, to my under eye area and that is all. Then, I add a layer of Vaseline to sort of insulate and keep it moist. Although I have some flaking, and some rough alligator skin, it has been anti-climactic. I am not happy with the texture of my skin, I’m wondering if this is a temporary side effect. Perhaps my skin is being exfoliated, freeing up those dead layers to reveal some underneath, or what. I am going to give it the ‘ol college try’, but not at the expense of looking like leather face for a month. lol.

I think I know why I am having these issues. However, I am having trouble deciding if I should stick with it or not…If brighter, more youthful skin is on the horizon, then I am all in. If I am going to vaporize into a pile of dead skin cells, count me out. With the more targeted application plan, I think I should be ok. However, I am supposed to start creating a base tan for Costa Rica, so, I’m sure I will have to address that issue at some point. lol

Well, yeah, send me your ideas!



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