REbuilding Ravaged Skin with an Emergency Facial

Ok. Today was brutal. It was up, down and all around. I was haggard and sleep-deprived, my eyes were puffy enough to require Mick from Rocky to “cut me”. TODAY is another day, my friends.

I didn’t get a lot of sleep last night, but I have found a way to renew in an emergency. I did a hot towel to open up my pores, and to relax me. (It sort of inflamed my eyes a little, but I needed the downtime.) Ok, after this, I washed up really good, I had makeup literally everywhere. I scrubbed a little, not too much as my skin was pretty wrecked anyway.

I had a few “bands” of little red zits, which happens when I get stressed out. I also had the makings of some pretty legitimate pimples on my chin and forehead. (No doubt from rubbing my head in complete sorrow and disappointment.) SO, after I exfoliated, I did a spot treatment with my favorite, butt-kicking acne mask. Look for one with benzoyl or salicylic if you need help. After I worked that in, I focused on the other parts of my face that definitely needed a hug. lol.

I had huge bands of dry, flaky skin from the winter months. (YES, it gets chilly out here!) I have a favorite “chocolate” mask that I use for hydration. It is a “cheapie”, I get it at the drugstore in those little packets. I worked that in to my dry areas. The areas that were just tired and dull, I used a little bit of illuminating mask.

Did I look like Rambo? Yes.
Is my skin starting to come back from the “breakup blues”? YES.


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