Drugstore Moisturizers: Stay Hydrated and Thrifty

The winter winds are blowing, chapping and having their way with your cheeks. At the same time,  indoor heating systems can further ravage your face. But since soaking yourself in La Mer isn’t an option for all of us, we need some options as far as affordable, yet functional facial moisturizers. Armed with some reader favorites, I stormed the doors of the local drugstore and checked out the options.

Even though it is cold, you still don’t want to wear the super heavy, possibly pore clogging lotions. If you are susceptible to break outs, you could be trigger shy. But you still need to moisturize! Delicate skin, as well as acne prone skin can benefit from a pH balanced formula like Cetaphil. Word on the street is that Cetaphil is a line of products that are designed for all skin types due to its non-abrasive formula. The moisturizer is super light and airy, not greasy at all. I think it is perfect under your makeup, and it tops out around $12.

If you have severely dry skin and need a great night or day moisturizer, check out L’Oreal’s Nutrissime. This is hard-core hydration, which is a pretty big task to undertake. A jar of this stuff will set you back about $10. If you are working with skin that needs a little love, or if it needs to be smoothed over or calmed, Aveeno has an entire line that is well-known for its gentleness. The Ultra-Calming by Aveeno offers an SPF of 15, and it costs about $16. I thought the Aveeno was pretty cool because it had a built-in SPF, this is important–even in the winter when we tend to skip the whole idea of sunscreen. Obviously, if you are noticing that it is pitch black at 5:45pm, you probably aren’t reaching for that Coppertone. BUT, sadly, the sun can still damage in the winter and in the cold climates, as it reflects off of snow, bouncing into your lil face.

When you find yourself with something the industry has dubbed “mature skin”, you have a whole new slew of choices. At the top of my favorites is the Oil of Olay Deep Penetrating Foaming Moisturizer. I haven’t tried it myself, but I do love the entire Oil of Olay line. I have been using the “beauty fluid” in the summer since it came in the glass bottle! Jeez. Its been a minute. Well, they have come a long way, this particular product offers a mousse like consistency, and my girlfriend said it was like a tingling facial in a bottle. Interesting.

So, there ya go, just a few drugstore standouts.




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